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Eternity Complex is the story about a girl called Fae, the people she meets, and the adventure she has as she tries to figure out why she's been whisked away to a mystifying and often frightening new world.

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30th Apr 2017, 7:45 PM in Chapter15
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Author Notes:
zartala edit delete
Here's a check in on the characters who haven't explicitly removed themselves from the chapter. Some are having a better time than others.

Also more CAMEOS! I'm sure some people have forgotten that I promised these...a whole 2 years ago. Better late then never, right? (I'm soooooooo sorry that it is taking me so long to get these done!)

In the middle panel is Teren from The Adventures of Aquila and Teren.

In the last panel is Kanny Bougainville from Cryptida and Cynthia from Once Stung.

Also, a new page means updates once a week for the next month. The following four pages are almost done and done to the point that I'm confident they'll all be done this week. I'm also working on a HUGE surprise for you guys that I'm hoping I'll be able to reveal in June.

Also, also, I've got a lot of news to share since the last update.

First I'd like to show off these lovely valentines related pieces I received from Spidar of Rowin Redd: Born of Fire as part of the 2017 Crossover Exchange IN LOVE 3!. They're great! I love them! XD (Please click on it to see the full sized version.)

Other news: I got into grad school! I'll be moving to beautiful sunny SoCal this summer. I would warn that updates will be sporadic, but they're already sporadic. In five years time I'll be a Dr. but not that kind of Dr. I'm pretty excited! Which is an understatement. Getting into grad school is something I never thought I'd accomplish! I've hit a lot of set backs on my journey and I'm eternally grateful to all the people I've met along the way who helped me. Everyone who reads Eternity Complex is part of that list, btw. Knowing that people, even just a few people, not only read but enjoy reading EC helped pull me out of a dark place and helped build my confidence up. I would not have been able to succeed at round 2 of undergraduate without that confidence boost. And you know what else if pretty awesome, everything I've done to get a STEM degree has directly benefited from my art degree. Which brings me to...

Check out this animation I made for science!

And be sure to check out the video my colleague, Ning, filmed and created that the animation was made for.

Also be sure check out Ning's other videos. He's doing a lot of really great work (most of which isn't online, yet) and, I believe, is entirely self taught. He's about to start working towards a PhD, creating quality geoscience videos to educate people.

One last thing, I'm thinking of setting up Eternity Complex on tapastic/tapas. Don't worry, there will still be updates here but I primarily read webcomics on mobile and their interface is super mobile friendly. If you have experience with tapas please let me know what you think and if you have any advice for setting up the comic over there.

See you next week! :)
User comments:
MadJak91 edit delete reply
Wow! LMAO, I admit I totally forgot about the cameo. That long ago?? :O

As for Tap. Really up to you. I will unfortunately admit that the long break threw me out of loop when it comes to this story and I also have less time to follow that many. If you start uploading from the beginning on Tap then I might start over with this comic there.
Sorry :/
zartala edit delete reply
No worries!!! I realize that the extended breaks + large archive means that most people have probably given up on following what's going on (I'm surprised more people haven't unsubscribed to be honest) and won't be reading any longer. I appreciate your honesty!!! <3

If I start updating on Tap, that's exactly how I plan to do it. Regardless of whether I start updates at a page once or twice a week. There's enough content in the archive for regular updates there to last through my defense and possibly through a post doc as well.

Also, if I do start updating over there, please don't feel like you need re-follow the story. Time is a precious commodity and I don't want to waste yours with a story that may not finish in a reasonable amount of time.
MadJak91 edit delete reply
No worries. Happens. Nobody can fault you for taking care of important studies and career! :>
It is true I forgot a lot in the meantime but I think it is better to say it. Still, it is easy to follow so once you start over on Tap with your HUGE buffer then let me know :>
zartala edit delete reply
Will do! :D
Spelledeg edit delete reply
ADRIK LOOKS SO ROUGH. D: My poor baby...

I haven't been by here in far too long! Congratulations on getting into grad school! That's awesome. :)
zartala edit delete reply
He's definitely seen better days.

Thanks so much! I'm really excited about what is to come! XD